Process is unsexy, but necessary

How often do we go to events that energize and motivate us to change? I think all of us do that on a regular basis. Think of that corporate leadership conference your company sent you to. Or that science camp your parents paid for during the summer. Or church on Sundays. Yes…church.

These things are great catalysts to encourage and motivate us to get off our butts. They inspire us with great speakers, leaders we look up to, and the buzz of excitement that fills the halls as scores of others just like you mingle and chat at these events.

But all of that doesn’t come back home with you. Those great speakers don’t push you during those mornings you wake up tired and defeated. That air of excitement doesn’t fill the halls of your school or workplace on a daily basis. In other words, events are great catalysts during a single moment of your life. But that’s it.

What happens during the other 364 days of your year?

The only thing that ever creates true life change is what you do during those times you’re not at events. In other words, it’s the process you go through to apply the lessons learned into what you actually do. Otherwise, all the great stuff you heard at that last event is just knowledge…knowledge that goes unused.

So why am I talking about this? One of the biggest things I see time and again are people who are unwilling to go through the process in order to find something they truly love for a career. They’d rather experience events –– that networking event for engineers, or a case competition at the business school, or an internship –– during a single moment of their lives and hope that it translates to some progress towards finding their dream career.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just showing up for events. Don’t get me wrong, they do help.

But after nearly a decade of working within the HR/recruiting space and working with people through Hobnob, I’ve become convinced that the BIGGEST thing that separates those who find their dream careers and those who don’t are the ones who understand the process that’s required to get there. (when’s the last time you saw a professional athlete go from nobody to superstar with no training, elite competition to play with, and strong support structure?)

Yes, the day-to-day grind is unsexy at times. No one ever really likes to wait patiently while doing things that on the surface seem mundane and routine. But you know what? It’s what matters most if you’re serious about finding work you love.


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